Tomatoes have been genetically modified to increase vitamin D levels.

Because the best dietary sources of vitamin D are fish and dairy products, persons on a plant-based diet may struggle to receive enough of the crucial element. 

 Vitamin D protects our bones and keeps our muscles and teeth in good shape.

Now, a group of scientists has discovered a potential new vegan source of vitamin D: tomatoes that have been genetically modified to produce a vitamin D precursor using CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

If growers and producers adopt the procedure commercially, these tomatoes could help solve vitamin D deficiency, which the study estimates affects 1 billion people worldwide.

Although vitamin D pills are widely available in many countries, coauthor Cathie Martin, a professor at Norwich's John Innes Centre

"I believe that having a dietary source (of vitamin D) in the form of a plant also indicates that eating tomatoes can provide additional benefits."

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