Unexpected Foods Experiencing a Massive Price Increase Right Now

The Cost of Vegetable Oil Is Increasing The cost of vegetable oil, according to the Washington Post, is just another victim of the global price increase. 

 According to the news portal, vegetable oil manufacturers have seen their prices skyrocket by up to 45 percent.

These costs are eventually passed on to the customer, but the United States isn't the only country experiencing a spike in vegetable oil prices.

According to NPR, cooking oil costs have been growing worldwide, producing shortages in some nations. In this food price equation, the war in Ukraine is also a component

 Ukraine produces half of the world's sunflower oil, while Russia produces 25%, thus the unrest is having a significant impact on both corporate 

 So, what can you do if the price of this oil makes baking your favourite brownies or preparing some of your monthly dinners prohibitive? C

When theyre stuck, happy people ask themselves this question.

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