'Unhealthy' Exercise Habits That Can Cut Your Life Short

There are probably some habits you integrate into your daily routine with the goal of extending your life.

Ignoring cardiac training in Zone 2Although strength training and HIIT-style exercise are excellent for muscle growth and fat loss.

You're doing more harm than good to your body if you're continually pushing yourself in your workouts and trying to ruin yourself with each training session.

Exercising with an excessive level of endurance
Fortunately, the next bad habit to address does not apply to many individuals, but it is one that must be broken as soon as possible.

According to StudyFinds, a Japanese study found that working out too much every day doesn't automatically enhance longevity—in fact, it can shorten your life.

It all begins with a few basic steps: a diet rich in lean protein, veggies, and fruit; weight training; reducing everyday stress; and getting your cardio on.

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