We tried seven different brands of macaroni and cheese, and the winner surprised us.

A delicious dish of macaroni and cheese is an American classic, whether it's for childhood nostalgia or a simple lunch alternative.

Over time, brands have improved their game, sometimes delivering novel flavors or weird shaped noodles.

However, not all comfort foods are created equal. What makes the finest macaroni and cheese from a box? 

The texture should be creamy, and each bite should be packed with cheesy pleasure. Noodles cannot be too little, and novel variations on the core principle are always welcome.

This Vermont cheese company recently debuted their own macaroni and cheese line.

Cabot Bacon Cheddar Mac & Cheese stands up to the promise, with their original cheese being one of the best on the market. 

The fiddlehead season in Maine is back, and the prices are high.