What Does A 'Day' On The Moon Look Like?

The moon is that object in the night sky that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes: full, new, crescent, waning, waxing, blood, eclipsed, and even blue once in a blue moon.

Even though it's easy to overlook the moon, our closest cosmic friend is actually quite special.

Our moon, for example, is just the right size and orbits at just the correct distance to occasionally blot out the sun in a solar eclipse.

The moon's gravitational, ocean-churning drag, which may have developed from the collision of the proto-planet .

In addition, the moon is "tidally locked." That is, it does not rotate. This is why the same features of the moon

such as the massive, circular Tycho Crater surrounded by a brighter portion of the moon's surface, face us at all times.

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