What exactly is vodka?

Vodka has dominated the world from its humble mediaeval roots as a therapeutic agent.

 According to Beverage Dynamics, a national publication focused on retail alcohol sales, worldwide sales of vodka are expected to reach $45 billion in 2020

with Americans alone consuming 189.7 million gallons (862.4 million litres) of the powerful alcoholic beverage.

To make vodka, you must ferment any food that contains sugar or starch, then distil the finished product to raise the alcohol concentration.

 (Fermentation is the process of feeding sugar to yeast in order for it to make alcohol.) According to "Vodka: A Global History,"

vodka can be prepared from fermented grains like sorghum, corn, rice, rye, or wheat, or from potatoes, sugar beet molasses, or even fruit (Reaktion Books, 2012).

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