What happens if my electric vehicle loses electricity while driving?

Can AAA help me if I buy an electric car and run out of juice on the road, or will I have to be hauled to a charging station?

We've only witnessed a few instances of EV owners running out of juice. This is probably because many EV users who charge at home start the day with a fully charged battery. 

We currently tow an electric car to the nearest charging station or home to recharge in most places.

My ancient Honda Accord will drive OK for a while, then shake and tremor as if it were being rocked. Slowing down helps for a while, but the shaking ultimately returns.

 I'd take a good look at the rear suspension for any worn components. Wearing suspension components, worn shocks/struts, and out-of-balance tyres are most likely to blame.

 When you strike a bump, the tyres begin to wobble. Another strange issue is that when blowing up a flat tyre, the air compressor would occasionally inject 

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