What Is A Toaster Bag And How Do I Use It?

If you're like a lot of home chefs, your toaster undoubtedly has some crumbs in it.

While most people are aware of the importance of cleaning your toaster crumb tray on a regular basis, it often takes a back seat to other kitchen duties.

 After all, jobs like emptying crumb-filled toasters, cleaning dirty sheet pans, and removing burned-on meals from pots and pans.

If you make avocado toast on a regular basis, or if you like to try new things like carrot-harissa toast or radish toast.

As Cooking Light points out, failing to clear up those crumbs might result in a burnt flavor in your toasted items as well as a fire hazard.

But what if you could avoid the dreaded task of cleaning out the toaster while simultaneously increasing the number of items you could safely cook in it?

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