What's the Difference Between a Hoarder and a Messy Person?

Then there was the reality TV show Hoarders, which followed so-called "hoarders" whose homes were so cluttered that they needed expert help.

Then came the TikToks from cleaners who specialized in cleaning those kinds of messes, years after that program first brought hoarding to the public's attention.

 Both of these types of media allowed viewers to marvel at and speculate about people whose homes were overflowing with trash, clothing, and trinkets.

If you're not sure if your mess qualifies as hoarding, let's take a look at what hoarding is and what you can do about it, whether you're a true hoarder or not. 

From time to time, everyone can get disorganized.

The devil is in the details when it comes to determining if you're just being a little sloppy or have a serious condition.

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