Why Do You Feel Dehydrated Despite Drinking Water All Day?

"Drink more water" has been my New Year's Resolution for the past five years.

 Every year by February, I'm back to a 5:1 coffee to water ratio. Despite the fact that I was habitually thirsty, I couldn't seem to kick the habit.

Then, I finally obtained the appropriate portable canteen for my taste (modest brag) (humble brag). Even though I thought I was drinking enough water, I was still thirsty.

Not only was I still thirsty, but I was also drowsy, angry, and tense. My skin was drab, dry, and I consistently failed the TikTok dehydration test (end humble brag).

Electrolyte balance and hydration go hand in hand. Water can be an excellent supply of mineral-based electrolytes

but too much of it can be harmful. To absorb water into the cells, electrolytes and fibres are required.

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