Why don't we eat eggs from other birds besides chicken?

Eggs are both tasty and healthful. They can be boiled, fried, or poached in a variety of ways. 

Have you ever wondered why chicken eggs are almost exclusively accessible in stores?

Quail eggs are available at farmers markets, organic and specialized stores, but what about geese, turkey, and duck eggs? To begin, we must first recall what an egg is. 

Bird embryos mature in little incubators called eggs until they hatch. They take care of the young birds and feed them. Ovulation occurs in both female birds and female humans. 

This occurs every 28 days in humans; however, the cycle is different in birds. In this context, chickens are particularly noteworthy. 

Young hens ovulate every 25 hours on average. The egg will be expelled regardless of whether it is fertilized or not. 

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