Without a Password, How to Unlock a Samsung Phone

It can be aggravating to forget your phone's password or PIN. Android phones used to have a bad reputation for being unsecured, but that has changed dramatically in recent years

Both Samsung and Google have taken steps to make their smartphones more secure, so forgetting your phone's password is not an easy task.

If you forget the password to your Samsung phone, here are some options for unlocking it.
1. Make use of the Find My Phone feature.

Samsung's Find My Mobile feature is by far the most effective technique to unlock your account. If you get locked out, all you have to do is go to Find My Mobile.

Navigate to Unlock.
You'll be required to enter your Samsung account password.
Click Next after you've entered your password.

A second pop-up window will display, confirming that your device has been unlocked.
You can now unlock your phone and change your PIN or password.

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