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The real story of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is one of Christianity’s most important figures, and the New Testament of the Bible is based on his life story. You might see Jesus as both the Messiah and a historical man, depending on your beliefs. The Bible teaches us a lot about his life, but there aren’t many historical records from the time he lived. This makes finding material about Jesus outside of religious writings difficult for secular historians, but there have been some exciting finds in recent decades. Some are used to support biblical stories, while others present a whole different story.


While there aren’t many sources outside of the Bible that reference Jesus, historian Andr√© Chevitarese points out that a few authors have penned similar accounts of his life. Flavius Josephus is credited with the most well-known texts. He lived in the first century CE and was a Jewish scholar. In his book ‘Antiquities of the Jews,’ he mentions Jesus twice.


Richard Neave, a forensic scientist from the United Kingdom, rebuilt the face of a typical adult from the time of Jesus. The end result was a dark-skinned man with short hair, in stark contrast to the traditional image of Jesus as a pale man with long hair and blue eyes.

God’s representative

According to Luke’s Gospel, Jesus was well-versed from an early age.

How do you feel about homosexuality?

Jesus never condemned homosexuality in the Bible, which is a little-known fact. He didn’t even bring it up once.


Although many Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25, few are aware that the New Testament makes no mention of Jesus’ birth date.

Jesus was not born on the 25th of December.

According to studies, his birthdate is more likely to fall between May and November, during Israel’s hottest months.

Three Elders

The Three Wise Men began their trek to Bethlehem as soon as they spotted the guiding star that signaled the birth of Christ. Researchers have followed their path and determined that it would have taken them two years to reach their destination. This would rule out the possibility of them paying a visit to Jesus in the stable shortly after his birth.

Bethlehem’s Star

The star that signified Jesus’ birth, according to astronomers, was the result of a conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. This astrological event occurred in the Pisces constellation in the year 7 BCE.


Nazareth was a small and insignificant town. In the Gospel of John, the location is mockingly ridiculed. Nathanael is informed by Philip the Apostle that the new Messiah has been located in Nazareth. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Nathanael responds.


Tekton is the Greek word for Jesus’ profession. Although “carpenter” is the most common translation, experts explain that the term originally referred to a craftsman or mason. Most likely, Jesus worked as a mason.


His lineage can be traced back to King David, one of biblical history’s wealthiest men. Many other aspects of Jesus’ life indicate that his family was prosperous.


The fact that he was born in a stable contributed to the perception that he was destitute, but this was simply a matter of bad luck. On the day Mary went into labor, Bethlehem had a census, which meant that many people from the surrounding areas had flocked to Bethlehem. All of the inns were filled, so the couple had no choice but to give birth in a barn.


Jesus was reported to be clad in a special tunic that only the wealthy wore at the time of his crucifixion. The troops even fought over who would keep it, according to the Bible.

Atheism among Christians

There are others who admire Jesus’ teachings but reject the notion that they were given to him by God.


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