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The Top 5 Walmart Hacks That Will Revolutionize Your DIY

Almost every time you shop at Walmart, you save money or find a terrific offer. The superstore is noted for both its low prices and its large assortment of goods and merchandise. Walmart is your one-stop shop for anything from home decor to craft supplies and more if you’re working on a DIY project. While you may be aware of the store’s outstanding prices, you’ll be astonished to learn that there are even more hacks that will revolutionize the way you DIY.

Walmart has been servicing clients for nearly 60 years, offering everything from food to apparel and home goods, ensuring that you have all you require under one roof. The following Walmart hacks cover everything from coupon overages to price matching, but there’s so much more to learn about this DIY behemoth. With things from this superstore, you may refurbish or design your home from the ground up, and you can even find amazing copies of items from high-end stores like Pottery Barn or West Elm.

Items should always be priced the same

Walmart is recognized for its low costs, making it a popular destination for anyone trying to save money or shop on a budget. They sell everything from household goods to pet supplies and pharmacy items, as well as anything in between. Even though its prices are already on the low end, you can still price match certain things that are lower online. Show an associate the lower dollar figure to get it matched if you locate something on their website that costs less than it does in-store. On its website, Walmart does state that in order to take advantage of this policy, the item must be in stock online and that a supervisor may be required to authenticate the transaction.

This Walmart trick is ideal for anyone who prefers to peruse inventory online before visiting the shop. If you come across something that will help you with DIY tasks, bookmark it or save it to your phone or tablet. You can request a price match whenever you visit a physical store, as long as the item is available.

Keep an eye out for coupon overages

Walmart also honors coupon overages in addition to price matching. If you offer a coupon and the item costs less than the amount it is for, the overage will be applied to the rest of the transaction, according to Eat This Not That. Isn’t it true that every penny matters when it comes to DIY supplies? As you shop, keep an eye on the costs and make a mental note of any items that are cheaper than the coupon amount. For example, if you find something for $2.97 but the deal was for $3 off, $0.03 will be applied to the balance of your bill. Because even tiny savings are better than none, this technique could end up saving you a significant amount of money.

According to Walmart, if the overage amount exceeds the total charge, cash may be paid back. Certain items may be excluded from the cashback program, however a store associate will inform you if this is the case. Make sure any coupons you bring have a GS1 barcode that can be scanned and are presented before the purchase is completed.

Save Money By Downloading The App

The Walmart app is no exception when it comes to customizing your shopping experience. In addition to having thousands of things at your fingertips, the app will notify you when an item has a significant price reduction. The simple platform, according to Eat This Not That, gives shoppers the best deals around the store each day. This makes it exceedingly simple to stay on top of DIY projects and save money once they go on sale.

The app also keeps you up to date on current promotions, both in-store and online. You can simply check any current rollbacks and keep track of the stock you’ll need for future projects. You can also make shopping lists and choose between free delivery or in-store pickup, depending on your preferences. When you’re trying to finish a project, the Walmart app makes shopping for DIY goods or other requirements a breeze.

Consider Getting Online Orders Picked Up

When buying online at Walmart, choose the “pickup” option to save money on DIY projects and other items. While delivery is undoubtedly convenient, you may be eligible for a discount if you pick up your products in person. Look for a remark or phrase that suggests a discount is available if the product is picked up instead of mailed after your checkout on the website, according to Mashed. This option is great for getting to the products you need quickly, but keep in mind that the website doesn’t always state how much money you’ll save per bundle. Most online orders over $35 qualify for free shipping, but it can take up to two days to arrive, so the pick-up option is ideal for purchases that should be made right away.

If your cart does not qualify for free two-day shipping, look into alternative choices to see if you can save money. Items that you don’t need right away and can be delayed to 3-5 days may also save you money on shipping. Every online order is different, so pay attention to the rates and options when you’re shopping.

End Caps on Clearance

Walmart, like most retailers, has clearance products that change frequently. According to The Penny Hoarder, many of these can be found on aisle end caps. Spend some time roaming around and figuring out where specific sales sections are located, as clearance may be towards the very back of a department. Look for sale signs and arrive early to browse newer products that may have recently been placed on clearance. Many things are reduced in price during the first week of the month, so keep that in mind.

Take your time searching the shelves because clearance differs from rollbacks and promos. A simple tag on a DIY item may indicate that it has been marked down to clearance, or there may be larger signage indicating a distinct discount section. Always keep an eye on perishables’ expiration dates, but when a discount comes along, take advantage of it for your DIY projects. You can also look for Walmart clearance online, which may include things that aren’t available in your local shop. When shopping in-store, use the app to double-check prices, especially if something isn’t clearly labelled. It’s possible that it’s on sale but isn’t properly labeled.


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