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What Is a Bar Spoon, and Why Does It Have a Twisted Shape?

A skilled artisan never blames his tools, but it’s critical to have the appropriate ones when it comes to the exquisite art of cocktail mixing. A sturdy shaker, strainer, and jigger are all essentials for a well-stocked home bar, but don’t forget the bar spoon. It’s not going to work with your regular kitchen spoon!

What Is a Bar Spoon, Exactly?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: a cocktail spoon. They’re mostly used to stir beverages, but depending on the type, they can also be used to measure, muddle, or even crack ice.

Bar spoons are not all created equal, and they can be used for a variety of purposes

It’s easy to measure because an American bar spoon equals a standard teaspoon, or around 5ml of liquid. How can you determine if a spoon is made in the United States? It’ll feature a twisted handle and (usually) a red plastic cap on top.

The end of a European bar spoon is flatter. This allows you to muddle items and layer different liquids, such as liqueurs. It merely has a capacity of 2.5ml of liquid (a half teaspoon). Many individuals admire its adaptability.

Japanese bar spoons are a favorite among bartenders. They’re longer and skinnier, with a weighted teardrop at one end, making them simpler to control. The end can also be used to mix beverages or crack ice. This spoon carries 2.5ml and is ideal for both rookie and experienced bartenders.

Choose the spoon that best suits your needs, but avoid ones that include lacquers. They may appear beautiful at first, but the lacquer can flake off and end up in your drink, which is definitely not the star ingredient you were hoping for.

A Guide to Using a Bar Spoon

  • You’ve got your spoon in your hand. So, how are you going to put it to use? Although stirring a drink is gentler than shaking it, the key is to ensure that all of the ingredients are evenly distributed.
  • After you’ve placed all of your components in the glass, slide the spoon in. Keep it against the glass’s edge to avoid disturbing the liquid. The spoon’s concave side (the rear) should face inwards.
  • Hold the spoon between your thumb, middle, and ring fingers, as if it were a pencil. It’s advisable to keep it above your first knuckle rather than with your fingers.
  • In a circular motion, move the spoon around the glass’s edge. Instead of using your arm to stir, use your wrist. Make sure the concave side is facing inwards and that the movement is smooth and natural.
  • Stir 30 to 40 times, switching which direction you stir in on occasion.
  • It is said that practice makes perfect. Use one of our favorite quick mixed drinks to practice your technique.

Why do bar spoons have a twisted shape?

Stirring is usually done with a twisted handle on bar spoons. The twists on the spoon help to keep the stirring motion smooth and constant. This avoids splashes and, with proper stirring technique, minimizes the drink’s diluting.

Drinks can also be poured down the spoon without spilling because of the twist. Pour the liqueur or liquor down the spiral handle as you layer. Even carbonated mixers, such as sodas, can be poured in without spilling a drop! It’s simple to master, yet it looks fantastic.

Pineapple Bar Spoon Bulu

You might as well go for the gold if you’re going to go big. Sure, you don’t need one of the most opulent bar spoons on the market, but with this Bulu pineapple bar spoon, you’ll channel some tropical feelings and elegance. It’s a utility and an accent piece thanks to its gold-plated style and pineapple-shaped weight. It also appears to be the ideal reason to experiment with classic rum cocktails.

Teardrop Bar Spoon from Cocktail Kingdom

The teardrop bar spoon accomplishes everything a bar spoon is supposed to do—mixes, cracks ice, and muddles—and it does it well. The long, thin handle of the Japanese-style spoon functions as a counterbalance, making it simple to stir without splashing. It’s also not too pricey, so it’s a good one to try if you’re new to the game.

Stainless Steel Spoon from Hiware

Hiware bar spoons have a devoted fan base. This stainless steel version features a Japanese design with a weighted teardrop for easy use and mixologist-approved stirring capabilities. It seems like something a bartender would use, but it’s really affordable. Bonus? It can be washed in the dishwasher.


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