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What Is The Best Way To Attract Owls To Your Yard And Why Would You Want To?

Owls are beautiful creatures that have appeared in mythology and folklore throughout Europe and the Americas for centuries. Mysterious, elusive, and elegant hunters, owls are majestic creatures that have appeared in mythology and folklore throughout Europe and the Americas for centuries. They’re also popular characters in children’s stories, possibly because children have little direct contact with them. According to The Guardian, owls’ aloofness allows them to be described much beyond the conventional limits of most animal roles, with them frequently being seen as the most intellectual and clever of the bunch. People who are fortunate enough to see an owl in the wild are frequently dumbfounded. Owls are renowned for their strength and perceived wisdom, whether seated regally on a high tree branch or flying low through a field.

They are, however, much more than the fictional characters they portray. They’re aggressive hunters who play an important part in keeping the natural world’s balance. HGTV reports that owls eat anything from little vermin to larger creatures like rabbits and skunks, as well as a variety of insects. Because most of them are nocturnal, they take care of all of these pests before you ever get out of bed. Pay special attention to the following suggestions if you’re a gardener. There are numerous reasons why owls are appropriate for the garden; however, it is important to know that owls and small pets do not get along. The biggest members of their species are quite powerful and have been known to carry chicks away. They’ll keep coming back until there’s nothing left to eat, according to HGTV.

Shelter should be provided.

Owls in the wild will seek out a hole in a dying tree to utilize for resting and rearing their young. Installing a nesting box on your property attracts these nocturnal critters by providing them with a ready-made and easy refuge. If you want to draw a specific type of owl, you can change the size and location of your nesting box to match. Before you purchase, learn about the breeds that are native to your area and what they prefer. To keep predators like foxes and coyotes away from the nest, World Birds recommends hanging these mostly wooden boxes at least 10 to 20 feet high.

Owls will be looking for a place to nest early in the year, before the end of the winter, so get yours up and running by February. It’s all about the location, and keeping the shelter away from high winds is also crucial. Consider how many houseplants you have in south-facing windows for sun exposure, and place your nesting box in the same direction. The nesting young, known as owlets, will benefit from the sun’s warmth. Consider the flight path the birds will follow to land in the box or on a ledge just outside of it, and inspect the surrounding area for any structures or tree limbs that may make it difficult to access, according to World Birds.

Ensure a Secure Environment

For 33 years, the Owl Research Institute has fought to protect owls and their habitats. They claim that because most owls are nocturnal species, which means they are most active at night, their eyes have evolved to see best in dim light. Part of what makes owls such fearsome predators is their ability to hunt in the dead of night. The light from your porch or inside your house will confuse these predators in mid-flight. As a result, owls will be uncomfortable in a well-lit backyard. Furthermore, by maintaining strong lights on the night, such as flood lights, you are unknowingly preventing these critters from approaching your property. Installing timers is an excellent approach to ensure that you don’t forget to turn off all of your lights.

Another thing to think about is the birds’ health once they’ve settled into your pitch-black backyard. For two reasons, chemical pesticides may be detrimental to owls. For starters, they eat the same stuff they’re seeking for, making calories scarce. Second, owls can become poisoned after consuming envenomed vermin. The owls will take care of any rodent issues you may have – it’s literally what they do. As a result, avoid applying rodenticide. The Owl Research Institute reminds us that the safety of these cherished creatures should always take precedence over our joy in having them around.

Allow For Natural Food Sources

Owls, like humans, are reluctant to stay in a place where there isn’t enough food to go around. Allowing them natural food sources is a great approach to ensure that these ethereal birds return again and again. When it comes to owls, though, a flower garden and a seed-filled bird feeder will not suffice. Owls are mostly carnivorous raptors that eat tiny rodents. So, before you can expect any owls to show up, you’ll need to invite their prey to the party. This may sound contradictory, especially if you’re a gardener, but think about the greater natural balance and trust the birds to perform their job.

Tall grasses, unmowed portions of lawn, and brush piles, according to the Bird Informer, may attract small rodents such delicious mice and voles by providing them with places to hide – think of it as feeding your visitors. While these locations may appear to be unkempt, The Owl Research Institute advises that they be kept clean. Brush piles should only contain organic materials like raked leaves and grass clippings. Remove any manufactured elements that may have gotten mixed in, such as plastic or styrofoam. In terms of position, your brush pile should be set back from your house, shed, greenhouse, or garage. You want to invite the small critters into your yard without inviting them inside.


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