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Why Aren’t Your Seeds Growing?

While our primary school science lessons may have taught us the fundamentals of seeds and how to plant them, if you’ve taken up gardening as an adult, you’ve likely discovered that there’s still a lot to learn. Unfortunately, cultivating a plant isn’t always as straightforward as planting a few seeds in some dirt and watering it.

Even if you appear to do everything correctly, your seeds may not sprout. Seeds, it turns out, are more temperamental than most people think. Some of the reasons why yours aren’t growing are listed below.

Why aren’t your seeds sprouting?

You’ve followed the instructions exactly. You’ve waited for a long time. Despite this, the seeds you planted have yet to sprout. To help you prevent a similar problem in the future, here are some plausible reasons why this might be happening:


Yes, seeds require water to thrive, but if you give them too much, you risk drowning them. Overwatering kills beneficial bacteria in the soil and causes rot in soggy seeds.

They were devoured.

Your seeds aren’t safe from predators just because they’re planted in the ground. Mice, voles, birds, and wireworms have all been known to eat seeds and prevent them from sprouting.

They were erroneously kept.

Seeds should be kept in a cool place in your home, garage, or shed, in a dry, airtight container. Seeds that become too heated may be unable to grow. Even if the seeds were not wet, but were in a region with high humidity, excessive moisture can have the same result.

They were buried too deeply in the ground.

When planting seeds, keep the following in mind: If you plant them too deeply, they may run out of steam before reaching the earth, making it appear that they did not sprout.


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